German Grammar Made Easy

Guten Tag!

So you want to learn German? Great!

You probably know this, but:

To really learn a language, you need more than a dictionary or phrase book!

If you want to be able to express your own ideas and communicate with confidence...

At some point you need to study the grammar!

That's why the best way to learn any language quickly and effectively is with a private tutor - but it's expensive!

Now imagine you could get the instruction and knowledge of a private tutor - but at a fraction of the cost...

Well that's exactly why I created my "German Grammar Made Easy" course on Udemy:

The course features:

32 short video lesson in which I explain - in an easy and organized way - all the grammar you really need to speak and understand basic German.

Plus, the course includes important learning resources for self-study and practice:

  • 20 Quizzes - to review what you've learned
  • 22 Cheat-sheets (PDF) - for quick reference while you're still learning
  • Ready-made Vocabulary Flashcards - to build your vocabulary systematically

It's the next best thing to private lessons to get a grasp on the most important grammar you need to know to start speaking quickly (it's the same material I've taught to dozens of private students, who pay me up to $75/hour).

Here's what some of my students say about me as a teacher and the material in the course:

I would highly recommend Lukas to anyone looking to learn German.
— Mary H.
Lukas has a really easy going style and focuses on a core set of lessons.
— Kirstin S.
I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the rules and the words I don’t know, but he is very good at explaining clearly of the things I should know.
— Yurie F.
The handouts were easy to read and really useful for self-study.
— Courtney L.

Because the course is brand NEW, I want to give you access to it for just $10 (keep reading to find out how)

But I do want to ask you for something in return:

Please leave an honest review!

It helps me and other German learners in TWO important ways:

  1. I can make improvements to the course and answer your specific questions (you'll get lifetime access, so you'll benefit from any updates)
  2. You help other students decide whether this is the right course for them

Of course, I can't force you to leave a review. But if you find the course helpful, leaving a review is the best way to show your appreciation.

Thank you in advance!

-> Click here to join the course for just $10 now!

Beste Grüße und bis bald,

P.S. Why not just make the course free? Because I want only serious learners to join, and if you're not willing to pay $5, you're not a serious learner (sorry ;-)

P.P.S. Remember: You get lifetime access to all materials, and there is a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee