German Cheat Sheet Collection

Here's exactly what you'll get:

  1. Nominative Case
  2. Accusative Case
  3. Dative Case
  4. Dative Verbs
  5. Genitive Case
  6. The 4 Cases in German
  7. German Pronouns
  8. Declension of Nouns
  9. Gender of Nouns
  10. Plural of Nouns
  11. Prepositions
  12. Present Tense of Regular Verbs
  13. Present Tense of Important Verbs
  14. Polite Form
  15. Negation
  16. Imperative
  17. Future Tense
  18. Modal Verbs
  19. Word Order Basics
  20. Word Order with Pronouns
  21. Word Order (Time, Manner, Place)
  22. Word Order with Conjunctions
  23. Infinitive Clauses (Part 1)
  24. Infinitive Clauses (Part 2)
  25. Perfect Tense (Part 1)
  26. Perfect Tense (Part 2)
  27. Perfect Tense (Part 3)
  28. Simple Past Tense
  29. Demonstrative Pronouns (Part 1)
  30. Demonstrative Pronouns (Part 2)
  31. Adjectives

Bonus: 10 Bonus sheets that cover everything from numbers, how to talk about time, how to express likes/dislikes, and more.

31 simple 1-page cheat sheets that cover everything you need to know about German Grammar. Plus 10 Bonus sheets.

Handouts were excellent. Very easy to read, well-designed and thought through and really useful for self study.
— Courtney L., Minneapolis

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